My mission is to build wealth for all. To make a significant impact in people’s lives through service, education and care. To create limitless opportunities and everlasting freedom by helping to provide them with the largest asset they will own.

More than a home lender.


Working with Ashley Swenson will not just bring about home ownership, but a journey into the next phase of your life. With guidance every step of the way, you can be assured a smooth process and a caring partner who measures success through your happiness.



Pay it Forward

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The Colorado NFM Lending team believes in making a difference in our global and local communities. When you close a loan with us you have the special opportunity to contribute to a cause that means the most to you. I will donate $150 to the charity of your choice.
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know The Value of your home

Relevant information that home owners want to know. Understand the value of your home and what you can do with your equity. Make informed decisions to build wealth through home ownership. Don’t lose money due to poorly timed financial decisions.
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Ashley’s Reviews

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One of the highest rated mortgage lenders in the Denver metro area, she is highly sought after for her attention to detail, and determination to get her clients into the home of their dreams. She guides her clients seamlessly into home ownership.
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New to borrowing? Check out these resources to learn about the different types of home loans, appraisals, how important your credit is, as well as a mortgage calculator to determine what your mortgage payment may ultimately be a the end of the process.
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